All About Admob

For those who do not understand about Admob what and why, let us learn a moment through this short article .Admob is Adsense Mobile Pay per click which is a mobile advertising service that used to be managed by Omar Hamoui but later on Google acquisition with a fantastic value $750 Million.

Android Application Developers and Admob
As the development of Android users now where getting cheaper and affordable Android Smartphone world and in Indonesia in particular, then the developers Applications are competing to make a variety of applications, they're sold for a fee or free of charge, and then embed Admob therein to at monetize ,

Have you ever count how many Android apps downloaded in the Android smartphone users a day Google PlayStore? if globally may be hundreds of thousands or even more.

If you create an application and then application you downloaded 1000 and then played an active call only 500 people per day with a single click valuable advertisement 0.03 it can be sure how much income your ads through AdMob from the application that you created? yup $ 15 or even more.

That's just one application that you created what if you have dozens of applications have you monetize and spread in google PlayStore? just count your own income.

Thousands Android application type can be made
If you are interested to plunge well and earn income from Admob of making Android apps, it helps you know what-what software only needs to be installed to create an application. Actually there are a lot of software but I recommend you to learn Eclipse, because Eclipse can be made from a variety of Android applications depending on the creativity of the creator application.